“What can a Clown Doctor speaker bring to a group of hardnosed business people? More than you might initially think.

There are a lot of lessons from the wards of a children’s hospital relevant to today’s businesses. With the ever increasing demands to do more with less; personal and business resilience is a particular attitude we all can use.

Clown Doctors’ stories of resilience from the wards of children battling cancer, parents struggling with travel to a hospital 100’s of kilometres away from home to have a skin graft from their badly burned child; the lesson a Clown Doctor can teach you in resilience in a real and hard hitting way can give you a different perspective on your own work challenges and give an attitude adjustment to take on any  business challenge.  A Clown Doctors’ unique perspective on how to overcome obstacles will give motivation, inspiration and sometimes bring a tear to your eye, but definitely worth your investment of Clowns Doctors as a speaker to your next function.”

Troy Longworth

Manager, Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund

Commonwealth Bank

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