Hi Cindy,

Last week when I came to see my mum, I heard laughter coming from my mum’s room. I very quietly entered her room and stood in the doorway. Sonny the Clown and Jeremy were doing a session with my mum.

My mum was laughing at the happy things they were doing. My mum’s laughter was truly beautiful. She kept laughing each time a new clown activity happened. Tears were forming in her eyes from the laughter.

I was watching for about 10 plus minutes and then Sonny waved for me to join in. He whispered in my ear what I should do and when. My mother’s laughter kept repeating over and over.

I have not seen such joy in my mother for at least 6 years.

It was absolutely magic. The joy my mum was experiencing filled my heart with happiness knowing that deep inside my mum she has not lost contact with her inner child.

This was a truly beautiful experience for me and obviously was sheer delight for my mum.

Each week my mum has a session with Sonny and the joy from each session palpable even if I arrive 30 minutes after the session. There is delight in my mother’s eyes.

I want to thank St Luke’s so very much for the Elder Clown Program.

Kind regards,


Lucy’s daughter.

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